PETALING JAYA: A father’s dedication to searching for his missing daughter believed to have drowned has made headlines recently online.

The worried father, known as Zailan (pix), is currently searching high and low for his daughter, Nur Hafizah Zailan, 23, according to Harian Metro’s earlier report.

Nur Hafizah is feared to have drowned after being swept by strong currents, having fallen off a suspension bridge in Kampung Aur, Bukit Ibam, near Muadzam Shah.

The fire and rescue department, the police, Armed Forces and the Malaysian Civil Defense Force have moved to the scene of the incident and are assisting in searching for her by land and water.

It has been 16 days since Nur Hafizah’s disappearance, but her father is unrelenting in his search for his daughter.

In a viral TikTok video by @evanoza_, he is seen determinedly walking to the area Nur Hafizah was last spotted.

In another video update by Eva, the father was at the site of the fallen suspension bridge, on the 15th day of his daughter’s search, his missing daughter was last on, waiting faithfully for any developments in recovering her.

Meanwhile, on the 16th day of looking for Nur Hafizah, there were still no signs of her whereabouts, and in the video, many boats were seen cruising around the river in search of any clues.

“I can only share so much regarding the case. I decided to give (Nur Hafizah’s) family some space to explain the ongoing situation.

“Let her family inform (everyone) after efforts in moving the bridge have been settled,” she said in her video update.