End of year jackpot bonus for seven

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven lucky winners received a 2023 year-end bonus after winning over RM33.3 million in the Toto 4D Jackpot game.

A 46-year-old salesman from Sarawak walked away with the biggest prize of nearly RM29 million on Dec 26.

He said his pair of winning numbers, 7871 and 9736, were picked from some banknotes he had kept in an ang pao for good luck.

“Boxing Day was a special draw day. Initially, I didn’t plan to buy numbers during the special draw. But luckily I changed my mind and drove to a Toto outlet after lunch. Otherwise, I would not have become a jackpot winner.”

He said although he has become an overnight multi-millionaire, he is too young to retire early and plans to continue working and living a normal life.

“Of course, I will certainly share my winnings with my family and use the balance for investments,“ he said, adding that he bought a System 4 ticket, which won him RM28,996,296.85 and an additional RM672 as a System Play bonus.

Meanwhile, an i-System player from Pahang won a part of the Jackpot 1 prize, winning RM581,865.30 from the total jackpot amount of RM29,578,162.15.

On Dec 30, last year, five winners shared the RM3.75 million Toto 4D Jackpot 1 prize money.

The first winner, a 63-year-old businessman from Kedah who bought his ticket in Selangor, partially won the jackpot with his pair of winning numbers 1225 and 6181.

He won RM1,205,896.00 and a bonus of RM2,016 with a System 8 ticket.

The second winner, a 57-year-old manager from Selangor, also won RM1,205,896.00 and RM672 as a bonus for betting on his pair of winning numbers 9221 and 1225, with a System 4 ticket.

The third winner, a 27-year-old engineer from Selangor, won RM1,205,896.00 and RM2,016 as a permutation bonus for betting on his pair of winning numbers, 9221 and 1225.

There were also two i-System winners from Sarawak and Selangor who won RM126,936.45 and RM8,965.80 respectively from the total jackpot pool.