BATU PAHAT: The state government, through the Johor Islamic Religious Council (MAINJ), has allocated RM15 million for repairing and constructing new homes for asnaf (tithe recipients) in the state this year.

State Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Mohd Fared Mohd Khalid said of the total, RM7 million would be directed towards repairing houses damaged by disasters such as floods, thunderstorms and fires.

“Another RM8 million is allocated for building new homes for asnaf, subject to the conditions set by MAINJ.

“Through this allocation, every state constituency will be able to assist in repairing damaged houses up to RM18,000 per house,” he told reporters after the ‘Kecoh Sekawan Desa’ programme at the Penghulu Mukim 2 Bagan Complex here today.

As for the construction of new homes, he said each constituency could build houses with a maximum value of RM80,000 each.

According to Mohd Fared, it is estimated that 444 houses in 56 constituencies will be repaired, while around 87 new homes will be constructed with the allocation.

“Applications can be made through the respective District Offices before being submitted to MAINJ for assessment.

“The state government hopes that this allocation will help the asnaf community to have better and more comfortable housing,” he said.–Bernama

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