PETALING JAYA: In a worrying development at a Jempol secondary school dormitory, a mass hysteria incident has forced a large number of school students to be sent home.

The episode began last Saturday, affecting 50 students aged 13-17.

These students reportedly experienced anxiety and even screaming episodes.

News of the incident spread quickly on social media, fueled by a voice recording allegedly made by a student inside the dormitory.

Additionally, parents were then contacted by the school warden and informed about the situation.

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One parent further described the anxiety their child was experiencing, while another reported hearing screams upon picking up their children.

Responding to the situation, school officials opted for caution.

As of now, all 165 boarding students were sent home on a five-day leave as a preventative measure.

Moreover, regular classes are still ongoing for non-boarding students, with only the dormitory section affected.

While 20 Form Six students are presently staying in the dorm due to upcoming exams, school officials are closely monitoring the situation.

They aim to ensure a safe and stable environment for all students upon their return.

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