KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Education (MOE) is actively conducting engagement sessions as part of the ‘Future of National Education Tour’ to gather feedback and suggestions aimed at enhancing the development of a new education plan that meets current needs.

Deputy Minister Wong Kah Woh (pix) said that the sessions will gather input, suggestions and ideas from various education-related representatives, including the National Education Advisory Council (NEAC), early childhood education advocates and groups supporting inclusive education

“The programme, comprising a series of engagement sessions, aims to pinpoint current challenges within the Malaysian education system, with a focus on humanistic education that values knowledge in line with the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, which will end soon.

“In addition, it will emphasise a balanced humanitarian aspect and strive to contribute positively to the country’s development in the future,“ he told reporters at the closing of the First Session of the Future of National Education Tour 2024, which was attended by over 100 representatives, here today.

He said a total of 724 suggestions were submitted through the session, including 175 on education policies, 167 on student affairs and 126 on teacher affairs.

“All the suggestions provided have been partially implemented by the ministry, and we are committed to further intensifying our efforts in this regard. As for new suggestions, MOE acknowledges them and will give due consideration,“ he said.

Wong noted that this engagement session is part of a series of five tours to be conducted nationwide from February to July this year.

“It will be followed by five focused group discussions and Town Hall sessions scheduled to take place from August to December,“ he said.

He said the objective of the new education system is to cultivate knowledgeable, skilled individuals with strong values and ethics, thus preparing them for the demands of future employment. -Bernama

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