KUALA LUMPUR: The National Farmers Association (Nafas) views seriously the issue of delays in supply of the MR297 paddy seeds faced by farmers and is working on a solution.

Nafas said in a statement yesterday that several solutions are being considered, including using other seed variants such as the MR219 if the MR297 is unavailable in the market.

“The stock for paddy seed supply is adequate based on all varieties on offer in the market.

“Stocks of the MR297 variant, however, are limited and will take some time to be ready,” the statement said.

According to the latest records, Nafas received 595,035 bags of seeds supplied by 10 approved suppliers and has distributed 321,689 bags of the MR297 to farmers throughout the country.

According to the statement, Nafas is also discussing with paddy seed suppliers to ensure that the seeds supplied are of high quality and approved by the Agriculture Department.

“Farmers have the right to return paddy seeds that are of questionable quality, and it is the responsibility of manufacturers to replace them with the latest seeds.

“It is Nafas’ intention to see this issue resolved effectively with the involvement of all parties. Nafas is open to feedback and suggestions from all parties to find the best solution for the continued success of the country’s paddy industry,” it added. -Bernama