PUTRAJAYA: The Opposition has been ‘taunting’ the Unity Government in a vain attempt to topple it, PKR deputy president Rafizi Ramli said.

Therefore, Rafizi, who is also Economy Minister, said the Unity Government must ensure the political stability successfully brought about by Anwar, who is also PKR President, continues beyond the Unity Government’s current one-year administration.

He said this is because these taunts by the opposition began just after the 15th general election (GE15) and before the formation of the Unity Government.

“For some time the Opposition has been resorting to this (taunts). It began during the first week (post-GE15), they began taunting in that they had enough numbers (to form the Federal Government).

“Later, after Datuk Seri Anwar was sworn in (as Prime Minister), they continued with this political manoeuvering to the extent that investors and the media began questioning if this government could collapse.

He said after that, in April and May, new pretenses came about, including that they will capture Selangor (in the state election). When they failed to do that, they claimed there would be a new government on Aug 31.

“We have been waiting until ‘Aug 45’ and there is still no change,” he said in his winding-up speech at the 2023 PKR Annual Congress at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here today.

Rafizi said the opposition seems to be devoid of issues to play up and now often raised issues related to the popularity of Anwar and the supposed decline of the Unity Government due to the poor economic situation.

Moreover, he said the opposition’s claims are only based on the views or opinions of political analysts or surveys that are not based on credible data, evidence and analysis.

“So we take these views with a pinch of salt. That’s also my view on popularity and things that are trying to be played by the opposition now. If we remember our history, when was it that people ever said PKR and Datuk Seri Anwar were popular?

“Never before... and in those days, some people even said PKR was ‘the weakest link’ party,” he said, adding that such statements were made by several political analysts.

He also said that in the early days of PKR’s establishment circa 1999, some political analysts opined that a party consisting of various ethnic groups would not go anywhere, and there was no hope for such a thing in this country.

However, PKR, from day one of its establishment, was not the kind of political party that waits to be praised sky-high by interested parties.

“... because our decisions can go against the tide, and sometimes our decisions are ahead of times. It takes time for these intelligent groups of people (analysts) to see things that were only based on our evidence, data and sensitivity, that we hear the voice of the people.

“So, if we want to be a successful party that brings changes in the country... even though we are often criticised repeatedly... brothers and sisters, be faithful. Insya-Allah with Keadilan (PKR), we will continue to create our future,” he said.–Bernama

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