PUTRAJAYA: PKR should always confer with the coalition parties in the Unity Government to defend its rule until the end of the term, said PKR Wanita Chief Fadhlina Sidek.

Fadhlina, who is also the Education Minister, said the strength of the Unity Government is not only based on PKR but also depends on the coalition of several other political parties.

“In our large coalition, there are more than 10 parties together in the government. So, it is critical to ensure the strength of the Unity Government in terms of the coalition.

“(Therefore) I urge our sisters to have a little patience and commitment to see that the Unity Government is a government based on consensus and also coalition.”

She said this while winding up the debate at the 2023 PKR Wanita Congress at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre, here today, attended by 475 delegates and 287 observers.

Fadhlina also advised the delegates to resolve any internal issue in a professional manner, such as holding meetings.

“The pillar is trust...quarrels, misunderstandings, dissatisfaction in party affairs, all must be handled professionally...they must be managed through meetings.

“Party discipline should be observed to ensure this core value is raised in the context of our leadership,“ she said.

Touching on corruption, she urged the delegates to continue spreading the message of the party’s struggle and spirit in battling such bad practices, while instilling good values ​​at the grassroots level.

“The strength of this value is what differentiates us from the previous government, which we have safeguarded and defended all this while,“ she said. - Bernama

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