SHAH ALAM: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is expected to make an important announcement, regarding the country’s economy, later today.

DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke hinted this in his speech at the Selangor DAP Convention 2023, here today.

“I was made to understand that the Prime Minister will make an important announcement later today. The announcement will help to boost our country’s economy in the near future.

“However, I cannot give details of what the Prime Minister will announce. I am sure it will be well received by the industry and the economic sector,” he said.

Loke said the basic thing which the government will continue to implement is to ensure that the development and economic growth of the country is increased after a year of the Unity Government successfully stabilising the country’s politics while strengthening the country’s administration.

“Indeed, that is a basic matter that we should focus on. It’s not that we didn’t do anything a year ago.

“Many policies and decisions have been made regarding the economy, the management of national resources, the distribution of national wealth and subsidies and many have been discussed and some have been decided,” he said.

He explained further that the Prime Minister’s series of visits abroad not only focused on international issues but also domestic issues.

“Every visit by the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers abroad is ultimately to strengthen Malaysia’s relationship with foreign countries to ensure better economic growth because Malaysia is a trading country.

“We cannot only look at ourselves. Our market is not big. We want to make friends with the outside world. When we have good relations with these great powers, it helps our economy to penetrate larger markets, help companies and factories to increase exports globally,” he said.

Loke said, as an example, the result of foreign relations is that the Chinese government, two days ago announced that Malaysia is the only country in Asia whose citizens do not require a visa to enter that country for 15 days.

“This is a very significant announcement. At the announcement, six countries were given visa exemptions with five of them from Europe including France, Germany and Italy. - Bernama

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