JASIN: The state government will continue to improve the rate of internet access in all schools in Melaka including those in rural areas even though it is currently at a satisfactory level, said state Science, Technology, Innovation and Communication Exco Datuk Fairul Nizam Roslan.

He said one of the efforts is to add Point of Presence (PoP) optical cable facilities at locations near the school to facilitate teachers and students to have smoother internet access to facilitate the learning process.

“For this PoP, we are still waiting for the Ministry of Education to discuss with the relevant telecommunications companies to build a tower in the school area because as long as the agreement or issue they are facing is not completed, PoP cannot reach the school.

“But at the same time, schools can take their own initiative by getting allocations from members of parliament in their respective areas or hold their own programmes to improve internet services in their schools,“ he told reporters when met at the Asahan state constituency Open House in Pekan Asahan here late last night.

He also said the state government is also committed to improving the service in schools and aims to resolve all problems related to internet access in schools, especially in rural areas, by 2026.

In the meantime, he said the Smart Melaka International Conference and Expo (SMIX) 2024 is scheduled to take place in October.

“For this time, careful preparations are being made including the selection of the venue and preliminary discussions have been done.

“Like last year, I welcome all agencies, leading companies in the digital industry to participate in SMIX 2024 and even become strategic partners in the organisation which will be managed by Melaka ICT Holdings Sdn Bhd (MICTH),“ he said.