KUALA LUMPUR: Not wanting her podcast to be just an empty chat, celebrity Amelia Henderson wants to apply more educational elements in the Studio Sembang she has been running since October 2022.

Known for her role in the film “Pulau”, the actress said although the broadcast audio programme, which has more than 90,000 subscribers on YouTube is based on entertainment, her original goal of its publication was to share and educate the audience about the real life of an artiste.

“We have many ideas, but we can’t share too much yet. I also aim to increase the number of educational elements in future episodes,“ she told Bernama.

Amelia, of Indian and Scottish blood, said the broadcast audio platform is also hoped to be a venue for fellow celebrities who have so far only been known through their acting roles, stage performances and social media content to share their other side to the public.

“People out there may see and think the world of entertainment is glamorous, but the reality is, it comes with many challenges and hard work. The stories behind the scenes are ‘costly’ and not many know.

“I hope the audience and listeners get inspired and motivated and can feel closer to the audience through their stories,“ said Amelia, who is also the show’s executive producer.

According to the 29-year-old actress, Studio Sembang not only focuses on celebrities but also invites personalities from various backgrounds to share their stories and life challenges to inspire the audience.

“Previously, for example, we had interviews with politicians like Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. It’s not to dwell on political subjects, but rather to know how they can succeed,“ she shared.

Amelia's foray into podcasts has proven her talent in the field and was recognised at the Malaysia Top Achievers Awards 2023 organised by The Leaders Online and MyEvents International as Entertaining Podcast of The Year recently.

“This award is not the result of my work alone. It’s a teamwork. My really powerful team, the award is for them. We also want to thank those who believe in us and support this programme,“ she said, adding that she became interested in publishing the show because she wanted to produce and challenge her creativity.

However, the versatile artiste said that her busy work schedule is one of the challenges in making the broadcast audio show which has now aired over 70 episodes.

“In the entertainment industry, we have a great opportunity to try various branches, but we have to be good at managing time. I will look for people who can manage the business behind the scenes, so I can diversify my career.

“I can’t succeed doing everything on my own and alone, but I believe consistency is also the key to success,” she said. -Bernama

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