PADANG BESAR: Police detained two men and seized five (5) kilogrammes of ganja at the main entrance of The Zone Duty Free complex, here on Friday.

Padang Besar police chief ACP Mohd Shokri Abdulllah said the first suspect, aged 23, was detained during an inspection carried out at 1.20pm near the building after finding him behaving in a suspicious manner.

“Police noticed the suspect sitting on a green Honda RSX 150 motorcycle and searching something in a blue bag by the road side near the entrance of The Zone Duty Free complex in Padang Besar.

“Upon checking the bag, five slabs of what was believed to be ganja, wrapped in red aluminium foil was found,” he told reporters at the Padang Besar police headquarters, here today.

Following the arrest of the first suspect, police managed to detain a second suspect, aged 36, near the same location but the second suspect did not have any prohibited items with him.

However, the second suspect is believed to be the ‘mastermind’ while the first suspect is a ‘runner’ who gets paid for trying to smuggle in the drugs from a neighbouring country.

“Further checks revealed that both suspects had four and 14 criminal records respectively and have been listed in three previous wanted lists for drug related offences and for running away while still under conditional release (OBB).

“Urine tests conducted on both suspects revealed that both were positive Methamphetamine,” he said adding that both would be remanded for seven days and the case investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.–Bernama

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