PETALING JAYA: Stand-up comedian Jocelyn Chia’s viral video insulting Malaysia and making fun of MH370 has been reportedly removed by TikTok.

A local daily reported a representative saying that Chia’s video falls under the hate speech category.

TikTok said the video which Chia was seen insulting and mocking Malaysia and its economic development, including the insensitive remark she made about the disappearance of MH370 had breached community guidelines and depicted discriminatory content.

“TikTok is a diverse and inclusive community that does not tolerate discrimination.

“We do not allow content that contains hate speech or that involves hateful behaviour, thus we have removed it from our platform,” the social media’s representative said.

Chia was criticised by netizens after the video of her went viral, in which she used profanity towards Malaysians present during her comedy session at a comedy club in New York.

She took it further by making a joke over the disappearance of MH370 which ticked many including foreigners.

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