Lucky Sarawakian wins highest 4D Jackpot

A LUCKY Sarawakian won the highest 4D Jackpot in Magnum’s history since the game was launched in 2009, and walked away with a whopping RM33,822,299 prize money!

With System Play 7 (full bet with 7 sets of 4D numbers), he won the Jackpot 1 on Jan 23, 2019 as two of his seven numbers correctly matched two of the top three winning numbers on Magnum 4D result. His winning numbers were 5356 (1st prize) + 9322 (2nd prize).

“O dear ... My heart is still pounding ... This is truly amazing! I didn’t expect to win this big an amount,” said the winner when collecting the highest Jackpot prize from Magnum today.

“I choose to play System Play 7 as I have 7 numbers that are very special to me, though I have won some prizes with these numbers in the past but this time, it was the biggest win,” he said.

The man said he runs a small business and always wanted to expand his enterprise.

“Now that I won the Jackpot, I can make plans to fulfill my dream. In addition, my family is my backbone and I can now afford to provide a better life for my wife and children,” he said.

The Magnum 4D Jackpot was launched in September 2009. The current winning set a new record in Magnum’s history as previously the Jackpot with RM33.2 million was won back in year 2017.

Since early December 2018, the excitement was running high as the Magnum 4D Jackpot exceeded RM30 million and kick-started the CASCADING feature.

The CASCADING feature kicks-in when the Magnum Jackpot prize exceeds RM30 million. If it is still not won, then any amount exceeding RM20 million will cascade and will be added into the Jackpot 2 Prize amount.

The current CASCADING has been running since Dec 30, 2018 and lasted for 11 consecutive draws till the Jackpot 1 was hit yesterday on Jan 23, 2019.

As Jackpot 1 was not won and through the CASCADING feature, numerous winners in the Jackpot 2 category were equally excited as they celebrated the extra millions of ringgit in prize money which cascaded from the Jackpot 1 prize.

In the past few weeks, a significant number of Magnum players who played partial bets (M-SYSTEM PAU) have also won millions of ringgit in prize money that was partial winnings from Jackpot 1.

A Magnum spokesperson said since the first cascade back in December until now, there were numerous winners, over 70 partial Jackpot 1st Prize winners and over 900 partial Jackpot 2nd Prize winners.

“This is absolutely fantastic. The M-System Play has enabled many more winning experiences at a fraction of the cost.”

M-System PAU refers to any numbers play in the 4D Jackpot game that can be permutated to cover all permutations and possible combinations. For example, the number 1234 has 24 permutations.

“We are very happy that many of our customers have won with us. Since early December until now, the Magnum 4D Jackpot has made many of our customers happy as they have won (whether big or small) with us.

“Especially now, with Chinese New Year just around the corner, this makes it even more special,” said the spokesperson.

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