Bugatti W16 Mistral enters final testing phase

THE Bugatti W16 Mistral marks a significant milestone as the first open-top model from the brand since 2015 and the swan song for the legendary W16 engine. This car is now entering its final evaluation phase, underscoring Bugatti’s relentless pursuit of excellence and performance.

An Engineering Marvel

At the core of the Mistral lies the ultimate iteration of the W16 engine, complemented by meticulously refined aerodynamic features and a completely reengineered monocoque. Achieving a top speed exceeding 420km/h while maintaining unparalleled performance, acoustic excellence, and luxury is a feat of engineering precision.

Bugatti’s dedication to the highest standards of performance, safety, and durability has driven an exhaustive testing program for the Mistral. Every aspect of its design has been rigorously evaluated to create Bugatti’s ultimate roadster.

Stringent Safety and Performance Testing

The Mistral has successfully undergone stringent crash tests, ensuring occupant protection in the event of a collision. These tests, essential for homologation in various markets, comply with international safety standards for North America and Europe.

Following aerodynamic evaluations in October and rigorous dynamometer testing of the W16 engine and transmission, Bugatti is now conducting a series of tests to assess the Mistral’s performance under various driving conditions. These tests cover safety, emissions, endurance, and drivability.

Endurance and Durability

The road tests for the Mistral are comprehensive, with Prototype 2 having already covered 32,000 km. These tests span diverse terrains, from high altitudes to sea level, and heavy traffic conditions. Looking ahead, Bugatti plans to add another 5,000 km on the track, pushing the total distance to 40,000 km – a milestone not often reached by modern Bugatti customer cars.

One of the most challenging aspects of the testing process is verifying the Mistral’s top speed. Finding a suitable track to safely reach over 420 km/h presents a logistical challenge. However, Bugatti remains confident in the Mistral’s ability to break records and exceed expectations.

A New Benchmark

“We are planning to run the final high-speed test on one of the few tracks worldwide that allow us to run the test safely. Once we have access to that track, achieving the top speed will no longer be a problem,” said Emilio Scervo, CTO of Bugatti Rimac.

Bugatti’s commitment throughout the Mistral’s development has been to deliver a car that not only meets but exceeds performance standards. The W16 Mistral sets new benchmarks for safety, reliability, and luxury in a hyper sports roadster. With the Mistral nearing the end of its testing journey, production at the Molsheim Atelier is expected to begin later this year.