420 units of Omoda 5 affected in Indonesia, recall not only for Malaysia

CHERY SALES INDONESIA (CSI) has issued a recall for the Omoda 5 model in Indonesia due to concerns regarding the rear axle component. Similar to the issue here in Malaysia.

In the statement, Chery emphasised its commitment to ensuring the safety of its customers and providing the best service possible. The decision to recall the Omoda 5 was made following an in-depth investigation conducted by Chery International, which identified issues with the rear axle shell component from a specific vendor.

While Chery stated that incidents of this nature are rare, they have identified 420 units of the Omoda 5 1.5T (Z and RZ) that may potentially be affected in Indonesia. To address this issue proactively, Chery Sales Indonesia will be contacting customers who own these units to arrange inspections at their nearest Chery dealer.

During these inspections, if any potential problems are identified with the rear axle component, Chery will replace the affected parts at no charge to the customer. It’s important to note that this recall only pertains to the Omoda 5 1.5T (Z and RZ) models, and other Chery products are not affected.

Chery Sales Indonesia reiterated their commitment to prioritising safety and providing responsible service to their customers. They assured that they are taking necessary steps to address the issue promptly and effectively.

As of 3 May 2024, Chery Auto Malaysia has contacted more than 53% of the affected owners. To ensure customers are well informed, weekly updates will be publicly shared about the status of the recall program.