New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

THE Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain shocked the trucking world when it was introduced about two years ago. The D-Max has always been regarded as a single-minded utilitarian workhorse for those who wanted a no-frills pick-up truck.

But the X-Terrain changed all that and proved that Isuzu knew how to make a pick-up truck that was at home both at the farm and in the urban jungle. It sold well and many chose it over some of its rivals because it offered reliability in a handsome package that also happened to offer great features too.

$!New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

The Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain was so well received that Isuzu Malaysia even sponsored the ultra-chic 2022 KL Fashion Week in a bid to position the D-Max X-Terrain as the pick-up truck of choice for those who wanted something that bridged both worlds. It’s not like anyone needed further convincing but that’s the direction Isuzu chose, and it worked.

And for 2023, Isuzu is taking it further by introducing updated D-Max models including a new X-Terrain, one that will appeal to those who wanted just a little bit more from an already very capable pick-up.

$!New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

For starters, the new X-Terrain offers three new colours – Islay Grey (seen here), Valencia Orange (carried over from the previous model), Onyx Black and Dolomite White Pearl. The popular Sapphire Blue has been ditched altogether and replacing it is a new Biarritz Blue Metallic that is only available in the Premium model and will not be offered for the X-Terrain.

The exterior of the new X-Terrain is further distinguished by a new darkened front grille that also features fang like appendices. The 18-inch rims too have been updated while new body trimming has been sprinkled around as a further distinguishing factor between old and new.

$!New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

Inside is where things truly get exciting, and a little sad depending on who you’re asking. This writer for one really liked the old brown leather seats that gave the interior of the X-Terrain a true upmarket feel. But that sadly has been replaced with some regular looking black leather seats, but despite the leather looking rather dull, the stitching of the seats give it a sporty look.

Talking about the seats, they are still some of the best in the pick-up truck business. With full body support that stretches to the shoulders and cocoons your back and lower body ever so gently in that plush leather. The only pick-up truck that has better seats than the X-Terrain is the Ranger Raptor, but that is nearly double in price.

The new X-Terrain also offers a new wireless charge pad with a 15W output that makes it great for a quick juice up while on the go. A feature also available in the Premium and the Auto Plus variants. There’s also a 2.1A USB-C port available.

One of the key highlights of the X-Terrain is the wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This may not sound like much but when backed up with the large nine-inch touchscreen infotainment system as well as the eight-speaker system, makes the X-Terrain perfect for those who are particular about entertainment while on the move.

Further perfecting a seemingly already perfect package is the new built in Digital Video Recorder system that offers class-leading front and rear cameras. The front camera is mounted into the ADAS module and captures clear 1440 pixel video while the rear records in high definition 1080 pixels. Videos can be saved into a memory card or can be downloaded to a phone via a dedicated application.

$!New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

There is no change in the powertrain department with the X-Terrain and Premium variants still powered by the same 3.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine putting out 190PS and 450Nm of torque.

While the Auto Plus, Standard and Single Cab variants are still powered by the same 1.9-litre turbocharged engine making 150PS and 350Nm of torque. Both engines are mated to the same six-speed gearbox with Sequential Shift.

Though there are no changes as far as the powertrain is concerned, there are some significant changes in other areas such as the suspension system. The X-Terrain and Premium variants benefit from an updated suspension system that has been configured to handle heftier payloads – increasing from 580kg previously to 775kg, an improvement of 195kg.

This gives the Isuzu D-Max a wider range of capabilities, but as we found out during a short urban drive, it makes the new truck feel a little lumpy as the stiffer suspension picks up on all the bumps, dips and ruts on the road rather than absorbing them.

One final update to the mechanical bits of the new Isuzu D-Max is the fact that the entire range of 4×4 variants now come with an electronically-actuated rear differential lock. This is particularly useful for those who use their D-Max on rough, uneven or slippery terrains where four-wheel-drive capability is required.

$!New Isuzu D-Max models introduced: Prices from RM95,000

On the safety front, the Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain remains one of the best equipped trucks in the business, featuring a complete ADAS safety suite, seven airbags and other passive and active safety systems that number in at nearly 30 systems when combined.

The new Isuzu D-Max and all of its variants are now available at all Isuzu dealerships across the country at the following prices not inclusive of insurance:


Individual: RM150,938.40

Company Private: RM151,138.40

Company Commercial: RM149,784.00

Premium 3.0

Individual: RM135,638.40

Company Private: RM135,838.40

Company Commercial: RM134,484.00

Premium 1.9

Individual: RM129,149.20

Company Private: RM129,349.20

Company Commercial: RM129,225.00

Auto Plus 1.9

Individual: RM105,499.20

Company Private: RM105,699.20

Company Commercial: RM105,554.00

Standard Automatic

Individual: RM111,499.20

Company Private: RM111,699.20

Company Commercial: RM111,602.00

Standard Manual

Individual: RM104,099.20

Company Private: RM104,299.20

Company Commercial: RM104,202.00

Single Cab 1.9 Manual

Individual: RM94,949.20

Company Private: RM95,149.20

Company Commercial: RM95,052.00

Single Cab 3.0 Automatic

Individual: RM101,888.40

Company Private: RM102,088.40

Company Commercial: RM100,752.00

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