TO move on from contentious issues, especially those that can cause disunity, unhappiness and possible violence, and to move on from all other issues that take our attention away from important matters such as the economy and nationhood – this is the mantra of all peace-loving Malaysians.

Specifically, it is time to move on from the KK Supermart and the socks issue.

The law is now taking its course on this matter, and we should all leave it at that. Let the law decide what is right and what is wrong, and then prescribe the right response.

All other matters must take a back seat.

This is no time to perpetuate illegality. If some matters still rankle, let the police do the necessary investigation and take action.

Let us not take the law into our hands. The consequences can be dire if we do.

Before such an eventuality, the National Unity Ministry must take immediate steps to address issues that can cause disunity in our multiracial country. That is its job, and that is what it should do.

It is important, as suggested by Tawfik Ismail of the Malay Moderate Group, for it to hold a series of nationwide reconciliation events to smoothen ruffled feathers.

In a multiracial society such as ours, embracing this diversity should be celebrated as a strength rather than a source of division.

It is time for us to recognise the dangers of continuously stoking sensitive issues for personal or political gain.

While freedom of speech is a fundamental right, it should not cause harm and sow discord.

Too often, discussions on sensitive topics escalate into heated debates, fuelled by emotions rather than by reason. These can then lead to unnecessary and unproductive polarisation.

One of the cornerstones of a just society is the impartial application of the law. Regardless of race, religion or social status, every individual is entitled to equal protection under the law.

Therefore, rather than taking matters into our own hands, let us entrust the legal system to uphold justice and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.