DURING my daily walks along Jalan Rasah, I have noticed several long-neglected and increasingly severe issues that require immediate attention.

The overhead bridge roof is deteriorating to the point of partial or complete collapse. To prevent potential injuries or worse, urgent repairs or removal of the roof is necessary. This hazardous condition underscores the neglect of essential infrastructure.

There is also damaged pavement resulting from a past traffic accident, with the protective covering missing. These safety hazards must be rectified promptly to prevent any potential accidents.

Adjacent to the main Rasah road, there are large, unprotected sinkholes, some partially hidden by foliage and undergrowth. These unattended hazards pose imminent risks of accidents.

Furthermore, another threat to public health and well-being can be seen behind the Seremban market, where rats are proliferating. Ignoring such a vermin infestation near a busy public market can lead to an outbreak of diseases.

These neglect of public infrastructure are not only dangerous to the public but will also hinder efforts to promote Seremban as a thriving tourist destination. Clean, safe and well-maintained environments are essential for attracting local and international visitors.

Boosting tourism is crucial for stimulating local and national economies. Therefore, even though repairs may be costly, they are worthwhile investments that will yield long-term benefits for the overall well-being of Seremban people.

Addressing these conditions is imperative for the city and state as they present significant liability concerns. Despite notifying the State Assemblyman for the Rasah/Rahang constituency, it is baffling that no action has been taken by the Seremban City Council.

We cannot afford to wait for tragedy to strike, potentially resulting in the loss of human life.

C. Sathasivam Sitheravellu


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