KUALA NERUS: Terengganu FC (TFC) will only use six imports to play for the Malaysian League (M League) this season.

Terengganu Football Club Sdn Bhd chief executive officer (TFCSB), Mohd Sabri Abas said the move is part of the cost-saving measure for the club in facing the long season this year, which is from March to May next year.

Mohd Sabri said the players are Ivan Mamut, Nurillo Tukhtasinov and Argzim Redzovic, while the names of the other three players will be announced before the start of the training session in the middle of this month.

“We don’t want to fill up the quota (for import players), but the positions they play. In fact, we are confident that local players can compete with the import players in the M League.

“We are also not taking the ASEAN imports this season. The strength of our TFC is ‘squad depth’...players with potential (to perform) in every position,“ he said when met at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between TFC and Hijraa Management Sdn Bhd here. , last night.

Meanwhile, Mohd Sabri said three young players from the Terengganu FC ll (TFC ll) team will be promoted to the main team this season.

The players are Muhammad Faris Rifqi Abdul Rashid, Safwan Mazlan and Muhammad Ubaidullah Shamsul Fazili who played in the defence position.

According to him, the three players have shown excellent performance and were given the opportunity to play with the main team last season.

“These three players really stood out last season. Even Safwan and Ubaidullah were often given the opportunity by TFC head coach Tomislav Steinbruckner to play in the team’s starting line-up throughout last season,“ he said.

In a related development, Mohd Sabri said TFC had obtained 23 sponsorships worth RM7 million in cash, goods and services for this season.

However, he said, much more is needed to strengthen and launch the club’s journey for the 2024/2025 season. - Bernama

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