Charity association gets financial boost from ‘global philanthropic collective’

BANTU Mesra, a charity-based association, recently received a RM20,000 donation from “global philanthropic collective” Delegatus, for the purchase of essential supplies and food for needy families.

The event took place at the Anglican Parish of Christ Church Jinjang, witnessed by over 250 attendees.

The association focuses on various humanitarian efforts, including providing food aid, educational support, healthcare assistance and other essential services to those in need.

Its mission is “to improve the welfare and quality of life for marginalised groups and individuals in Malaysian society through sustainable and compassionate initiatives”. To achieve those, it collaborates with other organisations and individuals/volunteers to host weekly food distribution to the elderly and families.

It donates to the elderly and families every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm at the Anglican Parish Christ Church Jinjang.

Delegatus’ founder Kevin Hutchinson explained that the initiative brings together high-achieving individuals from a spectrum of professional backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, professionals, celebrities and leaders, all united by a shared dedication to societal betterment.

“With values rooted in integrity, compassion, accountability, and humility, Delegatus channels its efforts into strategic philanthropy and collaborative partnerships, supporting diverse causes such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation and social justice.”

$!Delegatus founder, Kevin Hutchinson.

On the significance of the donation to Bantu Mesra, Hutchinson said: “Today’s event highlights the spirit of giving that lies at the heart of Delegatus, especially as we operate with the guiding principle, 'Always we, never me.’ By supporting Bantu Mesra, we provide essential supplies and food to those in need and inspire others to join us in our mission of compassion and service. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved today.”

$!Members of Delegatus at the Bantu Mesra charity event.

The donation at the Anglican Parish of Christ Church Jinjang marked the first time Delegatus hosted such an event in Malaysia.

Delegatus’ Malaysian representative, Owen Ooi, stressed the importance of assisting underprivileged communities. “By executing this initiative, we address immediate needs and set an example of generosity and community spirit. We must extend a helping hand to those in need. I hope this inspires others in Malaysia and around the world, to join us in uplifting and supporting the unfortunate.”

The substantial RM20,000 donation is poised to make a significant impact, easing the burdens of numerous families facing economic hardships.

$!Charity association gets financial boost from ‘global philanthropic collective’

“Delegatus and Bantu Mesra are confident that this contribution will bring much-needed relief to these communities. Looking forward, Delegatus is committed to continuing its philanthropic journey with upcoming initiatives aimed at supporting orphanages, elderly homes, women and children, and other vulnerable groups,” said Ooi.

“In addition to financial support, Delegatus provides business expertise, mentorship, and networking opportunities to empower the organisations and communities we aid. Future projects include educational and recreational activities for children and the elderly, alongside targeted assistance for those encountering adversity.”

Delegatus invites individuals and organisations to participate in such meaningful causes. For more information on how to get involved, go to Instagram to contact Owen Ooi, Kevin Hutchinson or Bantu Mesra Charity .