Company also encourage customers to participate in its Cookware Exchange Programme

First 100% non-coated ceramic frying pan, wok from Color King

COOKWARE brand Color King says according to Business Insider, a New York City-based multinational financial and business news website, exposure to chemicals in non-stick cookware and long-lasting makeup has been linked to an elevated risk of liver cancer.

“There's a trend among cookware brands claiming to prioritise health,” says Color King, “but let's face it, those non-stick pans with coatings? They require constant upkeep because those coatings can release harmful substances like Teflon, which is bad news for your health and the environment.

Therefore, as an alternative Color King recently introduced its PureRamic Collection, which boasts the first fully-ceramic frying pan and wok with easy-clean technology that is 100% non-coated.

The introduction is also part of the company’s mission to ensure that every cookware item that its engineers create is completely “safe, truthful and worry-free”.

“There is a saying, ‘You are what you eat’. That's why we have made it our mission to enhance your culinary experience with our health-focused, 100% ceramic cookware. It's not just about cooking; it's about infusing every meal with love and warmth,” said Color King, which proclaims that it is not just a 100% ceramic cookware brand, “but a symbol of healthy lifestyle”.

Color King added that the PureRamic Collection has done away with harmful coatings entirely, opting instead for 100% ceramic crafted from natural elements like clay, soil and a hint of Australian spodumene ore for purity.

The PureRamic Collection comprises woks and pans crafted without any coatings, featuring a micro-nano stick-resistant ceramic glaze on the surface for easy cleaning and durability.

“You can use metal utensils worry-free! Made with premium Australian spodumene ore, the cookware can withstand temperatures ranging from 20 to 450 degrees Celsius.

“With break-resistant technology, the PureRamic Collection can be your lifelong cooking partner. Elevate your cooking experience with anti-slip technology for stability and a heat-resistant, patented wooden handle.”

But here's the twist – Color King is not just about cooking; “it's about cooking with love”. The company wants the brand to embody this warmth wherever it's found.

Therefore, the Color King team is committed to making the brand synonymous with “Where Warmth Resides”.

Color King head of marketing and strategy Richard Lee (pix) said: “Our vision is simple yet big: we want every home in Malaysia to feel warm through every meal. Warmth isn't just a word for us; it's our guiding light.

“From how we talk to customers to the materials we use, you know, food is a big deal for us Malaysians. It is how we show love and gather during festivals like Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas.

He said there was a debate during the company’s management meeting before about whether they should launch a traditional coated non-stick pan to compete in the market because it is the most common and widely used in every household.

“But it just doesn’t align with what we believe in and what we want our world to be. So we will have to drop that idea and stand firm with what we value. Thus, warmth means being healthy, non-coated, honest, and caring.”

Lee also said that in the upcoming quarters leading up to 2025, Color King will introduce even more innovative goods that will benefit customers.

Project Love

Color King’s “Project Love” embodies the brand's commitment to infusing homes with warmth. As part of this initiative, the company encourages customers to participate in the company's Cookware Exchange Programme.

Customers can bring in any type of cookware, regardless of its condition, and receive Color King's 100% natural ceramic cookware with a RM20 rebate on top of any current discounts.

The exchanged cookware will then be responsibly recycled or repurposed in collaboration with Sri Steel Malaysia, a non-profit organisation, thereby minimising waste and promoting circularity.

$!First 100% non-coated ceramic frying pan, wok from Color King