Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Here’s how you can celebrate love every day

This Valentine’s Day, a little effort and creativity can go a long way. For the first time on a global scale, many will be spending this day apart from their loved one. But that does not mean this beautiful holiday is cancelled. In fact, it should be a milestone.

According to a recent study, nearly 7 in 10 Snapchatters around the world plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and 63% plan on making Snapchat a part of the celebration. For those celebrating, 82% will spend the day connecting with the most important people in their lives.

For Snapchatters, romantic relationships aren’t necessarily the most important on Valentine’s Day. The connections they have with family and friends are just as valuable.

In fact, 60% of Snapchatters say friendship is more important to them than love, and this sentiment climbs in Malaysia (79%), and Indonesia (58%).

If you like the idea of celebrating love of all forms every day, Snapchat has your back with a few simple yet fun ideas to make the day equally memorable. Sometimes the simplest gestures of effort and affection say the most. And with tons of Snapchat Lens available, even the unromantic can be romantic!

Start the day with love and smiles

$!From left to right: Love Freckles, Big Hearts and Heart Kisses Lens. Scan the SnapCode below to access the Lens.

Starting the day with a loving message is a good way to set the mood for the day. A simple message letting your special someone know you are thinking about them and wishing them Happy Valentine’s Day could bring a feeling of warmth which is usually accompanied by a smile.

That is how you know you are doing it right! Personalise your message and make it more unique and real with Cameo Stickers, or use one of Snapchat’s many Lenses to truly express yourself.

Malaysia’s very first Official Lens Creator for Snapchat, Eswaran Mohan, is also joining in on the action with his latest Lens to celebrate the day. Scan the code using your Snap Camera and truly experience the warmth that Valentine’s Day fills you with.

Enjoy an afternoon of games

$!Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Here’s how you can celebrate love every day

You do not need to be a gamer for this one but it is a great way to pretend you are on an exciting date. Going into a different virtual reality with your favourite person and building some friendly competition can really liven the day.

Ready Set Golf on Snapchat takes you and your loved one on a cute miniature golf date. For a little virtual wet fun, you can try Snapchat’s Aquapark. Here’s how you can access the games:

● Swipe right to the Chat screen.

● Tap on a Chat or Group Chat.

● Tap a rocket symbol to open the Games and Minis Drawer.

● Tap on a game.

Enjoy a traditional dinner and movie with a twist

$!Snap Camera

As the sun sets, order your loved one’s favourite comfort food or dish and get it delivered to their house for a virtual hangout. Set up your Snap Camera and enjoy each other’s company.

You can even stroll into the night with one of Google’s Art and Culture’s numerous virtual tours together. From places of interest, national parks and museums, you can go anywhere around the world and there is sure to be something for everyone.

End the day with a Snap Originals premier

$!Not a fan of Valentine’s Day? Here’s how you can celebrate love every day

Enjoy the premier of Season 2 of Two Sides that will be airing this Valentine’s Day. The show is an easy to watch romantic story of two fresh graduates, Jeremy and Chloe, that navigate a breakup in this innovative series told from both characters’ points of view at the same time.

Season 2 follows Jeremy as he gets over his last heartbreak and falls for a girl in a long distance relationship.

Snap Originals are premium, made-for-mobile shows developed exclusively for Snapchat. This makes it perfect to snuggle in bed and watch on your phone with ease before calling it a night.

Scan the SnapCode below to watch Two Sides.

$!Scan the SnapCode to watch Two Sides