THE recent Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Universities Summit, hosted in Malaysia, by Sunway University, for the first time is a positive reflection of Malaysia's emergence as a top-tier global education hub for academic excellence and innovation in the region.

In conjunction with the summit, Sunway University hosted the The Times Higher Education Awards Asia 2024 ceremony, achieving a significant accolade by winning the award for Outstanding Support for Students. This recognition was awarded to Sunway University, which was celebrated for its exceptional commitment to student support and well-being, as well as the positive environment it creates for its student community, both local and international.

Sunway Education Group Chief of Student Life and Services, Lee Siok Peng said, “Receiving this prestigious award for outstanding student support is testament to the dedication and passion of our campus community. From faculty to staff to administrators, we all share a collective commitment to ensure that every student who walks through our doors feels valued, supported, and empowered to thrive.

“Our students are our priority. We firmly believe that student success is not just about academic achievement, but also about holistic education - enhancing students’ personal development and their well-being. We want to cultivate a supportive environment where students have access to comprehensive resources, meaningful mentorship, and inculcating values are fundamental in our student outreach and care. In addition, a vibrant community that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion.”

Yosafat Frans Christian, an actuarial studies student from Jakarta, Indonesia said: “Sunway University offers a diverse range of events such as job preparation workshops and industry talks conducted by professionals, providing valuable opportunities for international students like me,” thus reinforcing Sunway’s commitment to its students.

Student support also extends far beyond the university level as the #MostHappeningCampus, spirit of support and giving extends across every facet of Sunway campus life.

A-Level student, Wong Heng Wai shared the sentiment: “As a student athlete, I experienced unwavering support from my lecturers, who fully understood my academic and sport commitments. They provided me with additional guidance on topics that I missed due to my hectic tournament schedule. Their care extended beyond academic matters, as they consistently checked in on students’ well-being and offered emotional support during challenging times.”

Lee in conclusion said: “As we move forward, we remain committed to listening to the voices of our students and supporting them in all areas that will help them realise their dreams and potential.”