AS part of its continuous effort to see everyone digitally empowered and equipped with technology know-how, while anchored by its belief in “Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World’, consumer electronics manufacturer OPPO organised a smartphone photography workshop held exclusively for senior citizens.

The session, held in September in partnership with Universiti Sains Malaysia’s “Bengkel Teknologi Senior” (Senior Technology Workshop), saw OPPO providing 19 senior citizens with the opportunity to upskill and pursue creativity through a smartphone photography masterclass, which included modules of shooting true-to-life portraits as well as bokeh photographs using OPPO Reno10 Pro+5G smartphones.

OPPO marketing manager Monica Qin said the company firmly believes that everyone has boundless potential and creativity when given the right tools and opportunities. “And we are hoping to unearth this skillset amongst senior citizens, who are often left behind in an increasingly digital world. Through the OPPO Reno10 Pro+5G, the senior citizens can develop their interest in photography which will allow them to snap precious moments with their family and friends.”

$!OPPO Golden Photography workshop participants developing photography skillsets as a form of creativity and self-expression.

The Reno10 Pro+5G smartphone takes ultra-clear pictures in any and every situation, all thanks to the help of its “industry-leading” flagship camera system, enabling the senior citizens to capture natural and intimate portraits with their family and friends without having to compromise on quality.

Capturing the essence of portrait photography, the senior citizens were able to snap precious moments using the OPPO Reno10 Pro+5G Series’ 64 megapixel telephoto portrait and Pro Portrait Mode which greatly enhanced the portrait-taking experience.

For participant Wan Farhah, the workshop masterclass is one way she is able to explore boundless creativity and pursue a hobby and interest that is near and dear to her.

“The OPPO Golden Photography workshop gave us a good understanding on how to use the telephoto portrait camera on our smartphones. I had so much fun, especially during the walkabout tour that I wished the session was a little longer.

“I will be on a lookout on for the next workshop and this time, hopefully we would also be able to learn about landscape photography and other aspects of photography since my husband and I like to travel and take pictures of the scenery and the diverse cultures,” said the 61-year-old.

$!Portrait photos taken by participants during the masterclass session using the OPPO Reno10 Pro+.

Through the Golden Photography workshop, OPPO is looking at solidifying its role as a technological frontrunner and continuously reinforces its dedication to creating experiences that bridge generations through innovation.

The workshop underscores the brand’s unwavering commitment to ensure that every individual, regardless of age, is inspired to harness the power of technology and innovation to unlock their fullest potential, one portrait photo at a time.

“The thing about senior citizens is that as we grow older, we feel ourselves becoming increasingly irrelevant, so when companies like OPPO conduct programmes like these, it draws us back in and we feel worthy and energised,” said another participant, 72-year-old Raveendran Subramaniam.

“We believe we are still capable of learning new things, and this is a eureka moment for us. I’m impressed with the level of openness to share and the hands-on sessions OPPO has put together for us. Engaging us senior citizens is a good initiative from OPPO and I hope there is continuity to such programs, as it helps keep us seniors updated in the increasingly digitalised world.”

More ways for senior citizen customers to enjoy exclusive rewards

In line with this ambition, OPPO offered each of the workshop participants smartphone voucher worth RM66, in conjunction with the recent 66th National Day celebrations.

Additionally, OPPO is making it easier for the senior citizens to enjoy exclusive rewards to enhance their digital lifestyle – from today to Sept 16, all customers, including the brand’s senior citizen customers, can look forward to after sales deals, including:

RM20 Touch ‘n Go recharge codes: Upon completion of mobile maintenance, OPPO users are invited to share their service experience and snap a photo with the national flag and share the image onto social media, tagging OPPO Care’s Facebook page. Customers need only show the proof of participation to OPPO’s customer service centre staff to earn the RM20 Touch ‘n Go recharge codes.

OPPO Care PWP discounts: During the campaign period, OPPO customers can enjoy OPPO Care PWP extra discounts (30% off) to purchase warranty for their new devices and accessories.

Accessory PWP: Seniors need not worry about having a smartphone that runs low on battery again as both OPPO users and non-users who send in their phones for repair will be entitled to a discounted PWP price on fast charge and non-fast charge data cables (RM29), and 65-watt as well as 80-watt fast chargers (RM99).

Free phone disinfection and cleaning: In order to ensure that senior citizens enjoy a pleasant experience using their smartphones, OPPO has introduced a complimentary mobile phone disinfection and cleaning service for its customers. Users can walk into OPPO stores to consult the customer service centre staff and request for assistance in disinfecting and cleaning products during the campaign period.

Free original phone case: Seniors can enjoy an additional level of security for their smartphones and show off their personality with a complimentary original phone case* which can be obtained at OPPO’s customer service centres.

Senior citizens who want to learn more about how to navigate some questions they may have about their smartphone are encouraged to join an O-Class session at selected MY OPPO Spaces. This dedicated space offers assistance for third-party software issues, daily maintenance and care, tailored specifically for seniors!

The upcoming session will be held on Sept 19, 11am to 12pm, at My OPPO Space, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya.

The session is open to all senior citizens and limited slots are available. Senior citizens who are interested to join can scan the QR code below and register their interest now.

$!Thank OPPO for digitally empowering senior citizens

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