ARTBOX Malaysia’s highly anticipated return after a four-year hiatus was nothing short of a spectacular success, leaving attendees with memories of a truly enchanting experience. Featuring five pillars — art, experiential, food, music and retail — the event was held under the captivating theme of Arcadia at Sunway Pyramid’s outdoor car park in Petaling Jaya.

Artbox Arcadia’s art scene was a diverse and vibrant celebration, showcasing various forms of art, from urban street art to modern and contemporary masterpieces. The installation “Pieces of Artbox - Hereafter” took visitors on a journey through different visual mediums, offering an otherworldly experience with interactive elements and illusions.

$!Arcadia tunnel inspired by Kalista, a local storybook.

The “Art Pillars and Murals” stood tall, featuring empowering works by Malaysian artists, contributing to the thriving urban street culture. The experiential zone, aptly named the “Garden of Creation”, provided a hands-on opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in creativity and art.

Through cultural stations and innovative workshops, the boundaries of imagination were pushed, creating a unique connection across generations. The gastronomic delights at Artbox, themed “The Forbidden Bite”, lived up to expectations. A creative showcase of gourmet creations from food and beverage entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia, including vendors from Thailand, delighted the taste buds of attendees.

$!Visitors having a good time at Artbox.

The culinary experience added an extra layer of richness to the event. The “Sound of Bliss” resonated throughout the venue as Artbox collaborated with aspiring and established talents in Malaysia. Upcoming artists showcased their groovy beats, adding a local flavour to the overall musical experience and ensuring the crowd was entertained. Artbox’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs shone through in the “Shopping Paradise” retail section.

A curated collection of crafts and creative products from local and global brands offered a unique shopping experience for visitors. Key partnerships with Sunway Pyramid, Fujifilm (Instax), and TikTok elevated the event to new heights. Attendees had the chance to visit the Instax Mart for a personalised experience and explore the booth for custom-designed T-shirts. TikTok’s involvement added a layer of interactivity, with fun activities, prize redemption and a dedicated Creator Lounge.

$!Variety of food choice and drinks was available at Artbox.

Vuse, a vapour product and GWM, an automobile manufacturer, further enriched the Artbox experience. Vuse’s Portals to Inspiration allowed visitors to explore hidden creativity and GWM’s mystery gift wall activity added an element of excitement, encouraging attendees to engage on social media for a chance to redeem special gifts. The highlight of Artbox Arcadia was the stunning Arcadia Tunnel, inspired by the local storybook “Kalista”. Adorned with floral elements, the tunnel transported visitors into the world of the Kerokea planet, offering engaging activities and special giveaways for those who successfully completed the journey.

Artbox Malaysia’s return was nothing short of a triumph, seamlessly weaving together art, culture, music and gastronomy to create an marvelling experience. The success of the event speaks volumes about the appetite for such creative and immersive platforms in Malaysia, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating the next installment of Artbox.

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