GET ready for an artistic adventure like no other. RXP.KL, the revolutionary immersive digital art gallery, is poised to sweep through the cultural heart of downtown Kuala Lumpur. Housed in the storied space of the former REX Cinema, RXP.KL is gearing up to revolutionise the very soul of artistry and creativity.

Remember the iconic REX Cinema? It used to be the buzzing cultural nucleus of Petaling Street, and now it’s getting a high-tech makeover. RXP.KL is on a mission to transform this historic gem into a cutting-edge, immersive art space that will spark curiosity, ignite wonder, and make art accessible to everyone.

But wait, there’s more! RXP.KL isn’t just your run-of-the-mill art gallery; it’s a community hub for lifelong learners and adventurous souls hungry for artistic wonder. To bring this vision to life, they’ve invested millions in state-of-the-art audiovisual, motion capture, and sensor technologies.

Sebastien Jurkowski, the visionary CEO and Creative Director of RXP.KL, sums it up perfectly: “At REXPERIENCE, we’re redefining what an art gallery can be—it’s a chance to step into a world where technology and creativity meet in amazing ways. Our vision is to create exhibitions that spark discovery and inspiration amongst art lovers, young innovators, and travellers in search of genuine creative, cultural and shared experiences.”

Now, let’s talk about their inaugural exhibit, “Other World.” This isn’t your grandma’s art show; it’s a groundbreaking digital art extravaganza that’ll turn your concept of art-viewing upside down. Prepare to embark on an immersive journey through cosmic, natural, urban, and abstract dimensions, where enchantment and creativity know no bounds.

$!An immersive digital art gallery, is now open in the former cinema hall of REXKL.

“Other World” boasts three main immersive exhibits and interludes for reflection. From Sept 20 to Jan 20, 2024, from 10am to 10pm, you can dive into:

“Annihilation” by Colas Fiszman and Jonas Margraf:

A mesmerising blend of dance, technology, and music that weaves a captivating narrative about the relationship between humanity and technology. Prepare to be awestruck!

“Foreign Nature” by Julius Horsthuis and Ben Lukas Boysen:

An exploration of intricate fractals that unveil the hidden geometry of the universe It’s like stepping into nature’s very own kaleidoscope.

“Yume” by Fahmi Hosnan and Ashish Khilnani:

Witness traditional masterpieces reimagined through projection and motion, bridging the gap between history and innovation. Art comes alive, and you’ll see iconic pieces like “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” in a whole new light. And the surprises don’t stop there! Between shows, you’ll be treated to intermittent interlude artworks by both global and local artists.

These moments of contemplation and connection ensure your journey at RXP.KL is nothing short of complete and immersive. But what’s the bigger picture here? RXP.KL, in harmony with REXKL’s adaptive reuse philosophy, aims to transform this historic cinema space into a renewed hub for cultural exchange and community engagement.

So, mark your calendars, art aficionados and thrill-seekers alike. RXP.KL’s “Other World” is about to launch you into uncharted artistic territory, and it’s a journey you won’t want to miss. Secure your tickets today at

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