STEP into something more colourful for spring as Coach launches a colourful “Find Your Courage” campaign featuring rapper Lee Young-ji.

In this new chapter set in a virtual universe, as part of Coach’s “Find Your Courage” campaign with Lee, she discovers the courage to break the mould by subverting expectations with humour. With each visit, she learns each individual’s “superpower” — a lesson that will help her discover what makes her real in her own way.

The newest exploration of “The Courage to Be Real,” with Coach’s purpose grounded in inspiring people to express the many sides of who they are, “Find Your Courage” takes place between physical and virtual worlds, blurring the lines along the way. The campaign is inspired by the way today’s younger generations are redefining what it means to be “real” through the lens of many concepts of self — and the courage it takes to navigate and embrace the complex layers of identity.

The new colourful collection includes the iconic Tabby shoulder bag in different colour options and more.