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Continuing the series on latest cosmetics, with an emphasis on skincare products

STAYING ahead of the curve means constantly exploring new products and trends. Whether you are a skincare aficionado, a makeup enthusiast, or a parent seeking the best for your little ones, the beauty industry offers a plethora of innovative solutions to elevate your routine. Here are some of the latest skincare offerings to entice you.

Krave Beauty – Simplified skincare for maximum impact

Founded in 2017 and now available in Sephora Malaysia, Krave Beauty emphasises simplicity and efficacy. Rejecting the beauty industry’s obsession with “instant solutions” and overwhelming trends, Krave Beauty advocates a minimalist approach with products that deliver tangible results. With its Core and Supplement Series, Krave Beauty offers a curated selection of skincare essentials tailored to your skin’s needs.

Krave Beauty’s Core Series includes the Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser (RM83) and the Oat So Simple Water Cream (RM145), while the Supplement Series features Oil La La (RM145), Great Barrier Relief (RM145), Makeup Re-Wined (RM130), and Kale-Lalu-yAHA (RM130). From nourishing cleansers to rejuvenating serums, Krave Beauty has something for everyone looking to streamline their skincare routine.

$!Urban Jungle made its debut in Sephora Malaysia in April.

Urban Jungle – Skincare for everyone

Born in Australia and crafted in Korea, Urban Jungle embodies inclusivity and empowerment with skincare that is accessible to all. With a range of easy-to-use products designed to brighten and nourish your skin, Urban Jungle invites you to embrace your natural beauty.

Urban Jungle’s must-have products include the Melting Me Softly Cleansing Balm (RM114), Saké Bomb Gel Cleanser (RM135), The G.O.A.T. Face Serum (RM142), Grime Fighter Body Wash (RM114), and Midas Touch Body Lotion (RM121). From gentle cleansers to luxurious body lotions, Urban Jungle offers a variety of skincare essentials to suit every skin type.

$!Local-owned Ever Eden’s multigenerational plant-based skincare.

Ever Eden – Skincare solutions for mums and kids

Navigating parenthood can be overwhelming, but Ever Eden is here to simplify your skincare routine with safe and effective products for mums, babies and kids. From pregnancy-safe treatments to gentle baby necessities, Ever Eden offers solutions for every stage of family life.

Ever Eden’s best-selling mum products include the Golden Belly Serum (RM259 for 50ml) and the Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream (RM269 for 120ml), while its baby essentials feature the Nourishing Baby Face Cream (RM192 for 50ml) and the Kids Multi-Vitamin Face Cream (RM180 for 50ml). With products formulated with natural ingredients and clinically proven results, Ever Eden ensures the health and well-being of both mum and baby.

$!Paula’s Choice launches new mineral sunscreen.

Paula’s Choice skincare – Gentle protection for sensitive skin

Paula’s Choice is introducing the new Calm Barrier Protect Mineral Sunscreen SPF30, offering ultra-gentle mineral protection for even the most sensitive skin. Formulated with soothing ingredients and prebiotics, this sunscreen goes beyond traditional sun protection to nourish and fortify your skin’s barrier.

Priced at RM199 for 60ml, the Calm Barrier Protect Mineral Sunscreen SPF30 is suitable for all skin types, including those experiencing rosacea or sensitivity. With its lightweight gel-cream formula and long-lasting hydration, this sunscreen ensures your skin stays protected and nourished throughout the day.

Whether you are in search of simplified skincare solutions, inclusive beauty products, or gentle treatments for sensitive skin, these new products are here to enhance your beauty routine and simplify your life. Go ahead and try the latest innovations and discover your next beauty obsession today.