GROOMING, the act of establishing trust and emotional connections with children for harmful purposes, has become a significant concern in today’s digital age.

Both online and offline, predators lurk, making it crucial to educate children about stranger danger.

A Singaporean woman, currently residing in Sarawak, recently shared the disturbing online conversations a stranger had with her 7-year-old daughter, Caroline.

It is important to note that Helen, the mother, had set up and managed Caroline’s Facebook account from the beginning.

Helen was shocked when she discovered the stranger’s messages and appalled by the explicit nature of his comments.

Unaware that he was speaking to Caroline’s mother, the man proceeded to make inappropriate statements such as, “I can be your brother, or let’s have babies together” and “You’re cute, like a princess. You can find me anytime.”

Despite Helen’s explanation that Caroline was focused on her academics, the man persisted, claiming he could take care of her and expressing his affection.

Helen rejected his requests for Caroline to leave voice mails and instead asked for his photos, which he refused, asserting that it was unnecessary.

The situation took an even more disturbing turn when the man discussed their future together, including having children. When Helen reminded him that Caroline was only 7 years old, he dismissed it as inconsequential.

The predator’s intentions became clear as he invited Caroline to his house, urging her to lie to her parents about visiting a friend to complete homework. His explicit remarks about pain and procreation further highlighted his malicious intent.

After wishing Caroline a nice night and sending a love emoji, he informed her that he will pick her up at the predetermined location. The following day, when the man tried to approach her once more, Helen quickly blocked him.

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