FATHERS are willing to do anything to make sure their children are well taken care of, no matter the circumstances.

Recently, a local restaurant shared their encounter with a man who walked from Beranang, located in Hulu Langat, all the way to Kajang, where the eatery is located, to collect some leftover food to feed his family.

“This man sent us a WhatsApp message asking if there was any leftover food we could donate to his children but the restaurant was closed by 4pm that day,” the post said.

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The post, now removed and shared on the Info Berita Semasa Facebook page, said that the father of three, left his home as early as 7am, walking for over three hours until he reached the place to make sure his family is fed at the end of the day.

The father lost his source of income after his motorcycle broke down and he could only have it back repaired the following week.

“But while waiting (for his motorcycle), he has no money to sustain his wife and children,” the post explained.

Sympathising with the man’s circumstances, the eatery staff decided to help him out by buying some necessities while waiting to get back his motorcycle and get a new job.

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