SELFISH drivers are a dime a dozen.

You can find them not using their car signals, failing to yield to emergency vehicles or in this case, parking inconsiderately and becoming an inconvenience to other drivers.

User arrifrashid11 took to his TikTok account to share a video of a Honda HRV ‘decorated’ with a dustbin and a cone on the car roof.

TikTok user @ariffrashid11, who shared the video, clarified in the caption that he was not responsible for the act.

According to him, the driver had irresponsibly parked in the middle of the parking lot thus blocking the road for larger cars.

He added that the frustrated people did it after honking at the driver for hours to move the car that was blocking their way.

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The video which has gotten 315K views garnered many comments from equally frustrated netizens who praised the people who ‘decorated’ the car.

“People like this don’t think about others anymore, they only care about being able to park their vehicle. Whoever put that trash bin there is really awesome.”

Some TikTok users even shared that they have done similar acts to selfish drivers to had parked their cars without a care for others.

“I once did something like this. They turned the motorcycle lane into parking like they owned it. So I got them back. I asked the guard to pile up the trash on top of that expensive car. I felt so satisfied,” shared a user.

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