A man recently landed at KLIA to a rude awakening - paying for two nasi lemak that cost a whopping RM63.10!

Taking to Facebook, he vented his frustration at KLIA for the exorbitant price, sparking a discussion among netizens.

“RM63.10 for this?” he wrote, sharing a picture of the seemingly basic nasi lemak with fried chicken, ikan bilis, and sambal.

“I get airport pricing, but this is ridiculous! Just rice, fried chicken, and ikan bilis in a box.”

He continued, questioning the value for money. “Fine, charge a premium, but at least make it look premium! This is outrageous. I rarely complain about food, but this is too much.”

His post resonated with many netizens, who shared their outrage.

“KLIA2 has way better and cheaper options,“ commented one user. “This is insane! I could’ve gotten a proper meal at Oriental Cafe for less,” said one netizen.

Another chimed in: “The quality looks like budget street nasi lemak, except it’s missing the egg! Not even real nasi lemak for that price!”

“OMG, this is robbery!” exclaimed another.

“I could buy ten nasi lemak in town for that price!”

The incident has reignited discussions about overpriced airport food.

As of this writing, Queen Coffee and Meals has requested the victim’s bank account information in order to process a reimbursement after admitting and apologizing in the post.

Furthermore, the Malaysian Airports Facebook page states that they have contacted the aforementioned restaurant and that they “will ensure that all outlets maintain the highest standards of service and quality.”

What would you do if you encountered a similar situation? Let us know in the comments below!

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