A man in Perak experienced swelling and decay in multiple fingers as a result of wearing tight rings.

According to information posted on the Balai Bomba, Teluk Intan Facebook page, the victim called them in a panic on Saturday (Dec 2) asking for assistance to cut the rings that were way too tight for his fingers.

Additionally, it stated that the victim had previously visited the Teluk Intan hospital for treatment, whereupon the personnel decided for the rescue operation with the fire station.

The victim wore five rings on each hand, according to the post’s images, and the afflicted fingers were swollen, blackened, and leaking pus as a result of poor blood flow.

Fortunately, the victim’s suffering came to an end when firefighters managed to remove his fingers from the rings.

After the rescue procedure, both of his hands were cleansed with sodium chloride solution in order to get rid of the germs and slow the progress of the infection.

The Teluk Intan Fire Station also cautioned the public to prioritise their own safety and abstain from actions that would put them in danger.

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