FLUFFY and soft with crispy edges, the roti canai is one of many Malaysia’s favourite dishes. It’s not just tasty with a bowl of curry but the incredibly affordable price point makes it a breakfast favourite.

How due to inflation, prices of dishes are undoubtedly taking a hike, but just how expensive a humble piece of roti canai can get?

RM9 a piece apparently. A Malaysian man recently took to Facebook to share how much he was charged for just two pieces of roti canai, and netizens were equally shocked as well.

In his Facebook post, Hairil Aien posted a picture of him having a meal along with several pictures of the meal and the bill as well.

In the picture, Hairil ordered a plate of plain nasi lemak with sambal which cost RM10, a piece of roti telur for RM11, two pieces of roti canai along with three additional bowls of curry for RM6. According to the receipt, the bill chalked up to a whopping RM45.

But the one that really takes the cake was the price of the two pieces of roti canai which cost RM18, at RM9 per piece.

The comment section in the Facebook post very quickly blew up, with netizens exclaiming the shock over the price of the roti canai.

“When you eat this roti canai, you don’t gain weight,” joked one netizen.

“We often eat roti kosong with the intention to save (our money), but it seems that the opposite occurred instead,” commented another netizen.

Another netizen shared that such prices were common in Genting Highlands, where he once came across a roti canai which was sold for RM14.