MOST Malaysians aspire to earn a five-figure wage. But what happens if you have been earning such a salary but lose it and get stuck with a long list of commitments?

A Malaysian came to SecretsMY’s Twitter page to anonymously admit that they are struggling to pay off their debts and credit card obligations after leaving their RM30,000-a-month employment approximately 4 months ago and blowing all their funds the previous year.

They wrote, “I am afraid. I lost my work in October and haven’t paid my loans or credit cards in four months. I’ve begun receiving lawyer letters, and one personal loan has requested me to pay the entire sum.”

He further stated “I recently obtained a new job. I’m beginning next week. But how will I pay for everything now? What should I do with all these legal letters? What about the calls? I do not know what to do. I’m paralyzed by dread and worry and can’t think of anything to do.”

They went on to give further information about their commitments,“I used to make around RM30,000 every month. I eventually got the keys to my property last year and sadly spent all of my money, plus I took out more loans for it. I was laid off in October due to budget cuts.”

He kept going, “Now I am stuck and stranded. My new employment has reduced my compensation to less than half of what I used to receive. I’m just glad to finally have a job. But now, what should I do? Please, someone. Tell me what I can do. “I’m clueless and unable to think,“

While many users responded to their cries for a solution, others questioned how someone making RM30,000 per month could have no money set aside for emergencies.

According to one user, “RM30k monthly what, well if you have anything branded like shoes and clothes it’s time to sell it now.”

Another commenter said, “Start fresh, stop using credit cards, and go for budget-friendly options for rent or groceries.”

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