MUKBANGS are common in this day and age, but solo dining is still a rather newly embraced experience, especially when it’s dining at a buffet.

TikToker @doskoi92 recently exhibited his solitary journey at Pak John steamboat cafe in a 16-second video, partaking in an array of buffet foods generally shared among several people.

His feast consisted of an impressive array of meat, lamb, poultry, prawns, crabs, and other delicacies.

The video has garnered over 300,000 views on TikTok.

According to WeirdKaya, he often dines alone, not due to a lack of friends, but because he finds solitude therapeutic.

“For those who think eating alone is a “loser” behaviour, well, it’s not. Some people just prefer being on their own. Please don’t feel sorry for us as we are happy eating out alone and doing other things alone.”

This combination of sensitivity and hilarity has struck a chord with many netizens agreeing with him.

“When I was studying, I ate alone, had steamboat by myself, shopping by myself, and even watched movies and karaoke alone,” commented a netizen.

Another netizen chimed in, “I also eat Sukiya alone but my table is full of dishes. Why? Because it’s my personal time and my self-reward. Sometimes we have to live our lives for our own selves.”