Mixed rice used be to go-to choice for many Malaysians as its known for being affordable and tasty as well.

However, these days, the beloved economy rice is no longer at an ‘economy’ friendly price. A customer was recently shocked after he was charged RM19 for his plate of mixed rice at a restaurant in Kepong.

The man who shared his grievance on Facebook, posted a picture of his mixed rice and captioned his post, “RM19 isn’t it too expensive? I personally think it shouldn’t be more than RM12.”

Based on the picture, the man had opted for rice, omelette, a type of sweet and sour meat and potatoes.

Many Facebook users seem to agree with the frustrated customer with some of them commenting that the price was too expensive and advised the man not to return to the restaurant.

What do you think? Do you think RM19 is too excessive of a price for the dishes he took or was he charged just right?


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