WHAT was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned out to be a horrible invasion of privacy after a hidden camera was discovered during a young woman’s holiday with her friend at a Penang homestay.

@aien revealed in her TikTok video that she discovered the camera hidden in a humidifier stored in the bathroom on Feb 6.

“Penang trips turns into disaster. Kami tak tidur since pagi semalam, The nightmare keeps replaying in our minds since it happened,” she captioned her post.

Afterwards, she decided to report the discovery of the hidden camera to the police, as shown in another TikTok video.

“We did (lodge) a police report but since there was no solid evidence of us being recorded, our case turned to a general report to cover us,” she said in her post.

In the report, she said that she took out the camera’s batteries after seeing that it was recording, in a “fit of panic.”

After that, she immediately contacted the homestay’s management who then arrived later that night.

“A man who claimed to be the from the management’s side arrived at 8.30pm, took the camera and immediately left the homestay at around 9.30pm,” she recalled in her report.

Later on, the police summoned the management of the homestay, who also brought the camera and the young woman “made sure” to check for any recordings of her in the camera to which she found nothing of the sort, according to the report.