IN a recent viral incident shared by @abang_alii on Instagram, a disturbing encounter unfolded involving his wife and an unknown man, shedding light on the challenges women face when approached in public spaces.

According to World of Buzz, Ali said the incident occurred at the valet parking area of Melawati Mall around 3 pm.

His wife, while conversing with the valet attendant, was approached by an unfamiliar man who pulled up beside her vehicle.

Despite her attempts to ignore him and roll up her windows, the man persisted, requesting her phone number.

Despite her clear indication of being married and declining his advances, he continued, insisting on establishing a friendship.

In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Ali’s wife provided a random number when pressured by the man.

However, the man proceeded to call the number, prompting her to quickly retreat to her vehicle.

Upon realising the potential danger, Ali’s wife attempted to contact him for assistance. However, the number she dialled appeared out of service, complicating her efforts to seek help.

Ali, in sharing the video, aimed to raise awareness about the importance of women’s safety, especially when alone in public spaces.

He emphasised the lasting impact such incidents can have on individuals and urged women to prioritise their safety by staying vigilant and seeking assistance if they feel threatened.

In conclusion, Ali advised women to consider being accompanied when venturing out alone and to remain alert to their surroundings.

If faced with harassment or feeling unsafe, seeking assistance from authorities, such as driving to the nearest police station, is encouraged as a precautionary measure.

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