The restaurant staff said the soy sauce bottles were apparently cleaned daily.

AT this point, it is not surprising to catch an eatery violating food safety regulations, thanks to the lax attitude of some food vendors that ruin the image of Malaysia’s food and beverage industry.

A mamak restaurant’s negligence in maintaining their condiments’ containers have raised concerns online after its dirty state was revealed.

A woman called out the eatery located in Rawang through a Facebook post on August 15.

In one of the videos posted, several soy sauce bottles had been opened and inspected by her, having wiped the inner surface of the bottle, the finger picked up traces of a blackish substance, possibly indicating that it was mould.

To make matters worse, the woman had discovered that all of the soy sauce bottles were kept in the same condition.

This prompted her to confront the mamak restaurant’s workers, who claimed that the bottles were washed daily.

Not only that, while talking to the restaurant staff, she told him to dip his finger into the condiment bottle but he seemed hesitant to do so but after wiping the inner surface of the bottle, his expression seemed nonchalant while the woman continued pressing the staff on the soy sauce bottles’ conditions.

Netizens were quite appalled at the lack of hygiene standards of the eatery and urged the woman to file a complaint to the relevant authorities to take action.

Besides that, a few netizens have also mentioned that they have avoided eating out in mamak restaurants after seeing and hearing of cases where maggots have been found in food.