A terrifying incident which occurred on a Malaysian highway has sparked outrage online.

A family of three, including a six-month-old baby recently became unwitting victims of reckless driving.

The heart-stopping scene which was posted on social media showed the alleged victim’s yellow Myvi car being hit by a white Honda Civic as it sped down the Kuala Lumpur–Seremban Expressway.

This caused their Myvi to spin out of control on the road. In the video, the white Honda Civic could be seen chasing after a black car before the crash.

Following the near-miss, the situation takes a disturbing turn. According to China Press, the passengers took a ‘wefie’, making a “victory” sign at the accident scene.

They even added the caption, “Don’t panic when something happens, just post a TikTok to relieve stress.”

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The shaken but thankfully unharmed mother of the family took to Facebook to share their ordeal.

She additionally recounted the terrifying experience and expressed her outrage at the driver’s complete lack of concern for their safety.

“Due to other people’s negligence, we became victims,“ she wrote in her post. “Our car turned around... Only Allah knows the feelings (we had) at that time.”

The video further shows the woman attempting to confront the driver who does not respond and instead avoided being filmed.

This blatant disregard for the family’s trauma has ignited rage from netizens who condemned the driver for his reckless driving

Netizens were seen condemning the young men’s reckless behavior and their insensitive attempt to exploit the situation for social media clout.

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