FOR many of us, earning a five-figure salary a month would be a dream come true.

But for this Malaysian man, his RM10,000 salary is not sufficient to upkeep not just his needs but his girlfriend’s needs as well.

The anonymous man shared his woes on Facebook page, TanTan Confessions Malaysia where he explained that he earns around RM8,000 a month after deductions, before breaking down his commitments in the post.

In his post, he also shared a screenshot of his payslip, which shows he earns RM10,780 a month with a deduction of RM1,836.

His commitments are as follows, RM2,000 for his parents, RM1,000 for his girlfriend, monthly mortgage payment of RM2,000 for his house and RM800 for utilities.

He also added that he drives a Toyota Vios which he forks out a monthly payment of RM950 and along with another RM300 for fuel.

Last but not least, his daily meals chalks up another RM750, which he adds that this amount includes “good food with the girlfriend”.

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“I still have some for myself at the end of the month,” shared the man.

We did a quick calculation and the man can possibly save only RM1,100 a month!

To make matters worse, he shared that his girlfriend has now been complaining that he doesn’t earn enough.

“Recently, my girlfriend has been complaining that I don’t earn as much as her friend’s boyfriend.“It’s tough,” he lamented.

Facebook users who were shocked by the man’s expenses, went to the comment section to criticise the man for keeping such a demanding girlfriend.

“You give your girlfriend RM1,000 every month. She lives in your place, sleeps in your bed, eats your food, and still complains? Why keep such a girlfriend? Dump her before the next Mid-Autumn Festival!”

“Don’t try to change your girlfriend’s mindset. Instead, change your own mindset. Changing girlfriends is the key to eternal happiness,” said another.

What do you think?

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