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A terrifying incident unfolded near Sungai Merbau, Selangor, as a mother and daughter found themselves in a life-threatening situation when they encountered a wild crocodile.

Natasyah’s mother, Raminten, sprang into action after hearing her daughter’s desperate cries for help.

The crocodile had latched onto Natasyah’s foot and was attempting to pull her into the river.

In a brave and swift response, Raminten immediately jumped into the water, avoiding the crocodile’s jaws and ensuring her own safety.

Fortunately, passers-by in the vicinity quickly came to their aid upon hearing their distress calls.

With their combined efforts, they managed to subdue the crocodile and relocate it to a safer location.

Both mother and daughter sustained injuries but were fortunate to escape with only bruises.

A video capturing the incident went viral, amassing 361k views at the time of writing.

Netizens flooded the comments section with well-wishes and gratitude, acknowledging that their survival against the crocodile was nothing short of a miracle.

We are immensely relieved to witness this mother and daughter duo emerge from the ordeal with minor injuries.

Their bravery and the swift response of those around them played a crucial role in their escape from the jaws of danger.