ONE thing about kindness is that people will remember, no matter how big or small the act.

A nasi kandar restaurant recently highlighted a regular patron’s relentless generosity and charitable nature on their Facebook page.

The eatery, located in Penang, spoke highly of the 50-year-old woman treating other patrons to meals indiscriminately whenever she visits.

“She always makes sure that any patron who is elderly or in hard times has their meals paid for. She has always done this even way back then.

“She will always help pay for anyone who is struggling, no matter their race or religion. Once, she even helped cover for four people’s meals,” the post wrote.

The eatery believed that the woman is a shining example of kindness and generosity as she has extended a helping hand to others, no matter who they are.

Not only that, she is also friendly to boot, according to the eatery, being sociable to everyone she meets, including the eatery’s staff, always addressing them in a kind manner.

Netizens were moved by the eatery’s post and commended the woman for helping out others whenever she can.

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