EVENTHOUGH Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant setting great for sightseeing and especially photography day or night, one should have the common sense to abide by the rules and not endanger oneself.

A viral post on X by @isusemasaviral of a photoshoot held at an intersection in Kuala Lumpur irked many, raising the issue of stricter enforcement against those who create trouble, like how it was recently done in Japan after a town had put up a screen blocking the near perfect shot of the iconic Mount. Fuji after dealing with misbehaving tourists for a long time.

In the viral post, two photographers were seen taking several photos of a young woman in a red dress kneeling on the intersection of a busy road in the KLCC area.

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“The KLCC area gets even worse day by day until the road is now used for photoshoots.

“The strange thing is, the police and the city council are located in the area - or maybe they happened to not notice,” captioned the post.

While many were angered by the photoshoot, others also pointed out that such photoshoots were a common sight in that area and that photographers and model were not blocking traffic.

Not only that, netizens also brought up instances where Malaysians have taken part

Others also brought up safety concerns as the model was being photographed on a relatively busy road and could have met an unfortunate accident.


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