Nicknames are a great way of establishing closer bonds between friends and family however, others may not be too fond of it and draw their own personal boundaries surrounding it.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not keen on certain labels through a brief interaction on social media which garnered traction online.

A Twitter user by the name @mirulwrld had responded to the Prime Minister’s tweet, which addressed the promise of not monopolizing the nation’s wealth by his administration, with a greeting in an informal fashion.

“’Selamat pagi, papa’ (Good morning, papa),” @mirulwrld wrote.

Later on, Anwar had made his discomfort known of the familiar greeting and replied in kind.

“pls- dont do that,” he responded curtly.

The Tambun MP’s prompt response gained quite the attention of netizens who were amused by the interaction.

A netizen jokingly mentioned that Anwar may have had a deadpan reaction looking at the comment.

Meanwhile, another netizen also pulled out one of Anwar’s old tweet which said that all Malaysians are his children.

“Wow. Now that he has become Prime Minister, he no longer considers us as his children,” a netizen jokingly replied.

“It is the same with teachers who consider their students as their children as well but of course their students do not call them Mom or Dad, right? I feel strange looking at others parentifying our Prime Minister,” a netizen pointed out.

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