Internet users have showered appreciation on a compassionate police officer who recently assisted an elderly woman by providing her with a ride on his motorcycle.

The Royal Malaysia Police shared a heartening video capturing the incident that took place in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, on their official Facebook page.

In the 27-second video, Constable Zulhairie Nayan is seen helping the elderly woman, offering her a ride on his motorcycle. He carefully transports her to a location near Masjid Muhammadi.

The video portrays the woman getting off from the motorcycle while holding onto Zulhairie’s right hand for support. Demonstrating an admirable level of consideration, Zulhairie patiently waits for her to ensure she walks away safely before departing from the scene.

In a Facebook post, the Royal Malaysia Police praised Constable Zulhairie Nayan, a member of the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division at the Kota Bharu District Police Headquarters, for his kindness.