ACCORDING to JobStreet, fresh graduates can earn between RM 1,500 and RM 3,600, with the average being RM2,500 across most industries. Do note that these are just basic salaries and do not include other compensation forms such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance, and incentives.

Recently, @aznahabas posted her thoughts on a job listing banner of a restaurant in a mall on TikTok.

The glaring salary was the restaurant manager job, which was listed at a whopping RM8,500. The other positions available were head chef with an offered salary of RM7,000 and assistant restaurant manager with a salary of RM4,500.

Next in line is the head chef, who makes RM 7000, and the assistant restaurant manager, who makes RM 4500. The restaurant also listed the position for dishwasher with a salary of RM3,000.

Naturally, several online users voiced their indignation in the comment section comparing their salaries, despite being graduates to the offered dishwasher salary.

A netizen noted that this may be due to how demanding the work of a dishwasher is, in contrast to a 9 to 5 setting.

Another netizen claimed that the salary the restaurant offered was actually a great deal basing it on many office jobs that require overtime without pay and offer little to no benefits.

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