SINGAPORE’S notoriously competitive housing market has reached a new low, sparking outrage online.

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A homeowner had recently listed a balcony as a rental space for SGD$380 (approx. RM1,333) on the Facebook group “Singapore Islandwide Room Rental.”

This “room,“ located near Ang Mo Kio MRT station, is advertised as suitable “only for males.”

Incredibly, the listing includes daily cleaning services and covers utilities like water, electricity, and internet, but lacks air conditioning – a major discomfort in Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

While the listing mentions immediate availability, the possibility of registering the address officially, and proximity to amenities like a bus stop, market, and coffee shop, it also restricts cooking.

Undoubtedly, the online community reacted with fury. With comments flooding the platform, condemning the listing as exploitative and inhumane.

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Additionally, many further questioned the ethics of the homeowner, with some going as far as accusing them of treating potential tenants like third-world citizens.

This incident further sheds light on the struggles faced by many in Singapore’s housing market.

Unfortunately, skyrocketing housing costs force some residents to consider unconventional living arrangements, while others choose to exploit this desperation for profit.

The situation raises questions about regulations and minimum standards for rental spaces in the city-state.

Comments slammed the listing, with accusations of discrimination and exploitation saying, “Are Malaysians third-world citizens to you?” and “Do you think we deserve to live like this?”

What do you think, should there be regulations on the minimum size and amenities for rentals?

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